Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Virginia Trailies

Virginia Trailies:
Best Beer Name: Lights Out Holiday Ale, Blue Mountain. It's a high ABV winter ale. Embarrassing incidents are sure to ensue.
Best Story behind the name: Starr Hill, The Love. The website has this story from the founder; "A friend of mine would smuggle wheat-beer yeast back  from a brewery in Germany, and he won the National Home Brewers' Competition one year with this yeast he'd smuggled. I asked him if he would 'share the love' and let us borrow the yeast, and 10 years later he finally did." Good story, and it's not a bad beer either.
Best Beer Concept: Imperial Lager, Roanoake Railhouse. It's a German style helles-bock with a more American hop aroma and higher alcohol (7.8% ABV.)
Best Overall Beer Selection: Williamsburg AleWorks. Their year round selections are pretty standard, but comprehensive. And their reserve beers caught my eye. A barleywine and a bourbon barreled porter.
Best Brewery Logo: Lost Rhino Brewing. It was a close call between two breweries using surfboards (Beach and Lost Rhino), but put a surfboard on a Rhino's back and you've won me over.
Best Label Art: O'Connor Brewing. They look like pencil sketches you might find on an old elaborate map. Nothing too crazy or hilarious, but classic and simple.

Most Likely Label Art to Get a Brewery Sued: Tripel Dubbel, Black Couch Brewery. It is exactly like the old 76ers logo. I emailed the brewery about the logo and got no response, so I have no problems putting it here. I'm no lawyer, but I would expect that they would have a hard time using this one without some legal issues.

Tripel Dubbel logo from Black Couch's Website. 76ers pic from http://logo-collections.blogspot.com

Most Pandering Brewery: Holy Brew. You're not fooling me with that light, corn based beer b.s. I've said it once and I'll say it again, there is a time and place for junk beer. But I will not be paying craft beer prices for the privilege of drinking a "Heavenly" copy of Bud Light.

This months winner for best search term that led to my site: 
"Tony Tarasco and his personal life." This term is the very reason I started this blog. So that people would have a place on the web that they could go to for details of Tony Tarasco's off-the-field life. If you don't know who Tony Tarasco is, he is a former Baltimore Oriole and a key figure (along with 12 year old Jefferey Maier) in one of my worst childhood memories. I couldn't find the video, but here's picture proof. Check out my Maryland post for more details.
Picture from SI.Com. Tarasco was camped under that pop up!
Best URL that led to my site:
http://www.whpcanada.org.au/introduction.shtml - Canadian government website about a program that allows Australians to travel and work in Canada for up to two years. I don't see a single add on their site, so I have no idea how someone went from there to here. Sometimes I don't believe Google's analytics. This is one of those times.

I'll put the Virginia Brewery Map up separately.


  1. hahha I am cracking up. I love that tony Tarasco's personal life search term led someone to your awesome blog. I went back to that Maryland post because it killed me the first time I read it, and just read it aloud to Bert and we are both cracking up now.

  2. "Get me in the bar, and I'm trouble - last week, went on a craft brewery crawl and got fucked up on Tripel Dubbel" - Ice Cube, during a recent trip to Virginia (probably)

    Gotta say, if Ice Cube was going to choose to endorse a beer, doing it this way would do infinitely more for his street cred than those terrible Coors Light commercials.

  3. Awesome logos for these beers. The 76ers one is a clear ripoff, but as king of all lawyers, I will make an exception within the law for this out of respect to Clarence Weatherspoon, Shawn Bradley, and the few other 76ers I can remember from the era after I started following the NBA but before they changed their uniforms/the Allen Iverson era.

    The "Tony Tarasco and his personal life" is hilarious. The addition of the Google Analytics section is awesome - I am always fascinated by what leads to the site and your write-ups crack me up.

  4. Duffy dropping rhymes and dropping (law) knowledge. Beautiful. Early 90's gangsters were so introspective.

    I am going to have to get back into doing this blog, for the simple fact that you continue to comment on posts.