Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#11 - New York, "The Empire State" - Intro

New York State was the inspiration behind starting my blog. During the summer of 2010 I visited the Finger Lakes for the first time and my wife and I did a tour of the wineries on Seneca Lake. The shear amount of wineries in that region as well as the brilliant marketing of those wineries as part of the Wine Trail made me wonder why there weren't more craft beer "trails" in the country. The proximity of wineries to each other based on geographical necessity makes them much more logical for an actual trail than craft breweries, which can and are based wherever they want to be. So, instead of trying to start up an actual trail of breweries, which would require lots of time and effort, I did the next best thing. Started researching them online and writing about them, even if I'd never even been to the state that they reside in.

Anyway, NY is the reason I do this blog, and so, I was not surprised to find several actual New York brewery maps and trails online. The first one I found had a clickable map, with links and lots of information about every brewery listed. I went through the list thinking that it was comprehensive, but soon found out that at least two breweries that I had physically been too were not on the list. So I found a second list and, it does seem to be comprehensive, or at least as comprehensive as you're going to get, cuz I'm not searching anymore.

So, my game plan is different this month. Since the information is already out there, and very easy to use, I'm not going to try to recreate that by going through every brewery. I'm going to deal with only the ones I've had before, and then you can use the map at the page that already exists to find the rest. I may drop a line or two about the ones I haven't tried, just to keep the old joke muscles warm.

Beer Stats for NY:
Population: 3rd in the U.S. with 19 million.
Size: 27th most land in the U.S.
Areas infested by hipsters ironically drinking PBR: NYC and spreading.
# of Breweries: Upwards of 30, I'll get the real count down eventually
# of Brewpubs: At least 15, most likely a lot more.
Average price of a craft brew in NYC: $38*

*Estimate based on guesswork based on a feeling based on some previous experience.

I've been to three breweries in New York, all in the Finger Lakes region, and I've had beer from about twelve breweries total, so I think I'll start with those and see where that gets me.

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