Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Virginia Brewery Map

Like I've said before, Virginia is a big state, so it will take at least a week to do justice to visiting all of these breweries and their surrounding areas. This map starts from the Southwest part of the state hits the beach, and then finishes in Northern VA.

A. Wolf Hills
B. Roanoke Railhouse
C. Jefferson Street
D. Blue Lab
E. Blue Mountain
F. Starr Hill
G. Legend's
H. Beach
I. O'Connor
J. St. George
K. Williamsburg AleWerks
L. Blue Gray
M. Port City
N. Shenandoah
O. Lost Rhino
P. Holy Brew

Have fun in VA. I'm starting on New York this week.

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  1. Great work, very useful for anyone who wants to explore

  2. Thanks a lot. That was the idea. When I get to Australia I'll check back with you and get some ideas from you.

  3. some breweries missing:

    Bull & Bones in Blacksburg
    Wild Wolfe and Devils Backbone in Roseland/Wintergreen
    South Street in Charlottesville
    Mad Fox in Falls Church
    brand new: Hardywood Park in Richmond (officially opened 2 weeks ago)
    -Devils Backbone and Mad Fox are up there with Williamsburg Alewerks as the best breweries in the state and Hardywood is already making some waves locally

    FYI - Shenandoah closed a couple of months back

  4. Thanks for the info. I tend to leave off the brew pubs and try to focus on the breweries that bottle/can and distribute their beer or are local distributers but do not have a restaurant. Not sure why I made that distinction, but it helps me keep the research to a minimum. I'm sure I miss some every month, like Devil's Backbone, which I've heard great things about.